GHA member Gusto Homes is seeking a build system solution provider to help deliver 36 net zero carbon homes in Easthorpe near Bottesford, Leicestershire.

Full planning permission was recently granted by Melton Borough Council for the sustainable housing development which is aiming to meet a net zero carbon standard by adopting the AECB Silver Standard for fabric efficiency plus on-site renewables.

“Gusto Homes have been at the forefront of building efficient, clean energy homes for over 25 years and with the cost of energy escalating there has never been a greater need for all new developments to be built to a net zero carbon standard.” 

Steff Wright, Chairman, Gusto Group

The design has been led by Nottingham and Leicester based Franklin Ellis Architects, and supported by planning consultants DLP Planning Ltd. The design, aesthetic and layout of the homes has largely been set but the build/construction system is still to be determined.


Gusto is seeking proposals from build system solution providers who can meet the design requirements of the scheme and the progressive sustainability standards.

Gusto welcome proposals for non-standard build system methods and will evaluate the construction method against the following criteria:

  • Ability to meet the AECB standard and the net zero carbon requirement in the section agreement
  • Cost
  • Speed of construction process, including drying out times and access to the appropriate labour
  • Embodied carbon
  • Wall thickness
  • Compatibility of external finishing materials with planning requirements
  • Acceptability of build system by mortgage lenders and insurers
  • Longer term opportunities to use the specification on other sites
  • Other environmental benefits when considered against our B corp policies
  • Overall marketing benefits of the system which will enhance the saleability of the properties


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If you are interested in discussing the opportunity further, please contact Steff Wright, Chairman, Gusto Group –

GHA developer member Gusto Homes seeks build system to deliver zero carbon homes

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