The Good Homes Alliance believes in the inherent worth of each individual and the right of all individuals to participate in society and to achieve full potential.  We recognise that British society is diverse in race, culture, beliefs and lifestyles.  This diversity enriches our community.

We recognise, however, that certain groups and individuals face direct or indirect discrimination because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, age, class, disability, political or religious beliefs, language or other factors.

We are committed to opposing all forms of discrimination and to working with and in support of people whose full participation in society is limited by lack of opportunity through discrimination or prejudice or from economic and/or social disadvantage.

The Good Homes Alliance is working towards being an equal opportunities employer.  All job applicants and employees have a right to equal opportunities in employment.  We aim that all volunteers and contractors have the same rights. The intention is to ensure no applicant, employee, Director, contractor or volunteer is placed at a disadvantage as a result of discrimination.

The Good Homes Alliance (GHA) is committed to making this policy effective in all spheres of its work and structure and, in particular, to taking appropriate action in areas of employment and voluntary work, management & governance, stakeholder engagement and service delivery.

We treat this policy seriously, whilst recognising our current limitations and failings. The GHA Director is accountable to the GHA Board for ensuring that the terms of the equality and diversity policy are appropriate, are adhered to and implemented.

We are in the process of reviewing the range, extent and effectiveness of our service delivery. This will inform, and be informed by, our equality and diversity policy in due course.

This, clearly, is a policy that needs to be reviewed and improved on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of our Board (or delegated Committee in due course) to oversee the review and improvement process.

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