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The Good Homes Alliance is a non-profit sustainability organisation with over 125 members and partners from across the built environment sector. 

We aim to create a welcoming, supportive and safe space for those who seek to break through housebuilding norms and embrace best practice.

We are the home for organisations striving to go further and faster than ‘business as usual’ and deliver net zero homes NOW.

Why join Good Homes Alliance?

We collaborate with industry and government, share best practice guidance & case studies, curate events, lead campaigns, lobby for change, partner on research and commission publications, and create active knowledge exchange networks.

Network and engage with architects, developers, housing associations, local authorities, urban designers, consultants, manufacturers, engineers, building performance experts, and more. See our Member Directory for a full list of members.

Embrace our collaborative approach to knowledge exchange by sharing your experiences, success stories and lessons learned at network meetings, workshops, online events and conferences.

Your membership support allows us to deliver on our mission to ‘catalyse the delivery of high performance net zero homes and places which enable happy and healthy lives’.

Share your organisation’s achievements and best practice case studies to our network and wider industry via our website, newsletter and Knowledge Base. Plus, potential speaking opportunties at our conference, Build Net Zero Now events and ‘bitesize’ webinars.

Receive a range of benefits to all staff members within your organisation, including free tickets to our knowledge sharing events and webinars, listing on the GHA Member Directory, and access to member only content on our Knowledge Base. See a full list of membership benefits below.

Membership requirements

To join the Good Homes Alliance, we ask organisations to make a commitment to:

Aim higher

Go further and faster than ‘business as usual’ and minimum standards. Strive to deliver best practice in your area of expertise.

Support our aims

Actively support our mission to ‘catalyse the delivery of high performance net zero homes and places which enable happy and healthy lives’ and have a key interest in one or more of our manifesto pledges or five core themes.

Be collaborative

Share your experiences, success stories and lessons learned with like-minded organisations within the GHA membership and wider industry.

Act responsibly

Act in good faith with fellow members, substantiate your sustainability claims and avoid ‘greenwashing’.

Membership types

Membership benefits

Membership fees

All fees exclusive of VAT.  Fees updated 05.04.2024.

Demonstrate your commitment

As part of your membership application, we ask you to demonstrate your commitment to our membership requirements by completing the following tasks.

Firstly, please submit your membership application and then you will be able to provide this information at a later stage.

Aim higher

Provide an example where you have sought to deliver best practice or have gone further than business as usual. This could be a report, case study or presentation.

Support our aims

Draft a short statement (approx. 100 words) for your member profile, stating why you have joined the GHA and which of our manifesto pledges or five core themes you actively support.

Be collaborative

Share your experiences by allowing us to publish your case study or report on our Knowledge Base. GHA can work with you to develop the case study and there may be additional opportunities to present your work at GHA knowledge-sharing events.

Act responsibly

Provide a link to your sustainability statement/strategy or similar on your company website, and an example of your marketing material for review by the GHA executive team/board.

For Leader membership applications – organisations are required to work with GHA to draft and publish a joint press release, publicly stating on our website why you have joined the GHA, how one or more of our themes are aligned and that you have made a commitment to be ‘sector leading’ in your area of expertise and set an example to other members.

These membership requirements have been implemented from April 2024 onwards to all new membership applicants. Existing members will be asked to commit to the requirements upon renewal of their membership.

To apply for membership, applicants are asked to complete an online form. Upon receipt of the form, GHA will be in touch to update you on your application.

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