Smartlouvre Technology is the sole manufacturer of MicroLouvre® the world’s thinnest and lightest louvred metal fabrics, scientifically designed with angular-selective technology. It is, unarguably, the most comprehensive solution for the latest Government Building Regulations for both Fire performance and Overheating, for Residential Buildings. It provides unrivalled solar heat gain protection, glare control, natural daylighting, ventilation and energy conservation. It is the solution for architects, designers, developers and building service engineers. The product has unequalled sustainability and durability with proven life spans of up to 60+ years and is made from over 90% recycled copper scrap. It is 100% recyclable. The company is committed to providing truly innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption, protect the well-being of occupants, and maintain superior comfort levels for sustainable net zero liveable homes. It is quick to instal for both existing and new buildings, whether single or high rise multi storey.

Smartlouvre offers the easiest and most cost-effective solution to the major problems caused by over-glazed construction, with energy-guzzling air-conditioning equipment, and as a result, can make a tangible difference to the future of this planet.


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