Vital technical guidance to support the new Overheating: Approved Document O 2021 (England) has been published by the Future Homes Hub

The guidance, authored by the Good Homes Alliance, with leading experts Susie Diamond (Inkling LLP) and Julie Godefory (Julie Godefroy Sustainability), comes just days after UK temperatures broke 40 degrees celcius for the first time on record. 

All previous regulations on overheating have been brought together into the new official approved document (also known as ‘Part O’). It stresses the importance in design of limiting solar gains through windows and providing adequate opening areas to remove excess heat in relation to high risk and moderate risk locations.  It also provides additional guidance on other limiting factors such as noisy roads, pollution and security. 

The accompanying technical guidance provides information on how to comply with the Building Regulations Part O requirement to assess and limit overheating risk in residential buildings. It focuses on homes (“residential dwellings” in Part O). While much of it is applicable to other types of residential buildings, specific considerations will apply to accommodation such as care homes.

Download Approved Document O

Download the Technical Guidance

Authoring Team:
Susie Diamond, Inkling LLP
Julie Godefroy, Julie Godefroy Sustainability
Julian Brooks, Good Homes Alliance CIC
Richard Broad, Good Homes Alliance CIC
Larry Tate, Good Homes Alliance CIC

Project Steering Group members:
Adam Graveley, Element Four
Professor Kevin Lomas, Building Energy Research Group, Loughborough University
Simon McClelland, Story Homes
Danielle Michalska, Barratt Developments
Clare Murray, Levitt Bernstein
Neil Murphy, TOWN
Anastasia Mylona, CIBSE
Oliver Novakovic, Barratt Developments
Richard Partington, Studio Partington
Martina Pacifici, AHMM
Dale Saunders, Taylor Wimpey
Michael Swainson, BRE
Victoria Tink, DLUHC

With special thanks to:
Fabienne Blunden, Studio Partington
Jack Harvie-Clarke, Apex Acoustics
James Healey, AESG
Richard Partington, Studio Partington

GHA authored Part O (2021) Technical Guidance published by Future Homes Hub

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