A new collaborative network of forward-thinking housing developers has launched this month, seeking to accelerate the delivery of new build net zero homes.

The network, convened by the Good Homes Alliance (GHA), aims to share learning and best practice, and create new guidance and case studies to facilitate the adoption of enhanced sustainability, quality, health and performance standards for new housing developments.

The ‘Net Zero Developer Network’ builds on the success of the GHA Vanguard Network of local authorities and Pathfinder Network of housing associations. These networks, with over 30 members combined, represent 350,000 existing homes and 120,000 new build homes to be developed in the next 10 years.

This year sees a shift in industry regulation, with long overdue updates to parts F & L of the Building Regulations, a new part O to address overheating risk. However, the climate crisis shows no sign of abating and the GHA encourages housing developers to think more ambitiously and deliver new housing to meet net zero standards NOW, rather than wait for regulatory change.

In addition, the cost-of-living crisis is putting into stark context the need for more energy efficient homes and robust alternative renewable energy sources, with household bills soaring due to fossil fuel price increases. We believe a more collaborative to sustainable housing development, sharing best practice and lessons learned can help to tackle these crises by accelerating the delivery of net zero homes and communities.

“We are supporting the launch of the Good Homes Alliance Developer network as we have always been happy to share the knowledge we have gained, whilst seeing value in learning from the experience of other likeminded businesses. Our industry needs to accelerate the positive impact it can have on the transition to a low carbon future and this will only be done through collaboration.”

Steff Wright, Director, Gusto Homes

The Net Zero Developer Network is kindly supported by 8 forward thinking founder members.

A kick off meeting on June 7th 2022 officially launched the network, and has already begun start to shape the activities and outputs to further our mission to improve newbuild homes, and the communities they are part of, to deliver net positive benefits – economic, social and environmental, as outlined in our manifesto.

Membership of the Net Zero Developer Network is open to SME developers with low carbon ambitions. Interested? Please get in touch with Richard Broad, Projects & Communications Manager, Good Homes Alliance: richard@goodhomes.org.uk.

About the Good Homes Alliance (GHA)

The Good Homes Alliance is a cross-sector membership organisation with over 80 members and partners that include, architects, developers, local authorities, housing associations, urban designers, consultants, building professionals, suppliers and more.

The GHA’s aim is to promote and encourage the building of quality sustainable homes and communities and to transform the whole of mainstream UK house building into a sustainable endeavour.

The GHA promotes higher quality sustainable housing and standards via collaborations with industry and government, creating active knowledge exchange networks, sharing best practice, running events, leading campaigns, lobbying for change, partnering on research and commissioning publications.

Find out more about the Good Homes Alliance at https://goodhomes.org.uk.

New Net Zero Developer Network launched with 8 forward-thinking founder members

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