Greencore Homes have harnessed their vast experience and knowledge to champion the groundbreaking concept of a Climate Positive home. Their factory manufactures closed timber frame panels which are insulated with natural materials and are built into a timber frame superstructure that locks up more carbon than it emits. They are also targeting the whole structure of each home achieving better than Net Zero in terms of embodied carbon. Greencore’s homes are also highly energy efficient and powered by electricity rather than gas.; utilising renewable energy sources for every home and target these supplying 100% of the energy required in use. Greencore are creating communities where people can live low carbon, healthy and active lives.

In 2022, M&G Investments acquired a majority stake in Greencore through its Catalyst fund. This investment will help them to significantly expand their capacity. At the time, M&G’s real estate investment team announced its intention to invest up to £500 million into new sustainable private rental and affordable shared ownership housing developments in partnership with Greencore. The equity investment will also provide the foundation for Greencore to work with many other partners across affordable housing providers, single family rental investors, joint venture opportunities and forward thinking landowners.  Their ambition is to deliver over 10,000 Climate Positive homes by 2035.


Greencore Construction

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