Paul Jennings of Aldas is one of the most experienced airtightness testers and consultant in the UK, with over 30 years’ experience. He has presented at numerous AECB and Passivhaus conferences in the UK and oversea. Paul has been involved in most UK PassivHaus projects to date in one or more capacities.

These schemes include:

  • the first UK certified domestic and non-domestic PH projects in Machynlleth, both built by John Williamson, initially tested in 2008 and then retested after a decade of operation in 2018
  • the Erneley Close (Manchester), Wilmcote House (Portsmouth) and Carlton Chapel House (North London) EnerPHit block refurbishment projects
  • the Agar Grove area regeneration scheme in Camden, where neglected 60’s social housing will ultimately be replaced by over 500 newbuild PH units
  • the Exeter Passivhaus swimming pool and leisure centre, currently under construction
  • numerous individual newbuild custom- and self-build Passivhaus schemes

Paul is an experienced trainer and originated the “Airtightness Champion” concept, as well delivering numerous on-site trainings and many CPD seminars to architects and builders. He developed the 12 Steps to Airtightness approach to enable UK contractors to reliably deliver airtightness in Passivhaus and other low-energy projects. He is a trustee of the AECB, the Association for Environment Conscious Building.

Paul is also active in promoting cohousing as a radical approach to providing better housing.  He is a director of the UK Cohousing Network and also of two local cohousing projects under development in Cornwall and Gloucestershire.

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