The Good Homes Alliance (GHA) is delighted to have received a funding award from the MCS Foundation to develop vital resources that will help accelerate the delivery of net zero housing.

The resources will support the work of the GHA’s ever-growing local authority Vanguard Network, a collective of 16 local authorities (LAs) that are set to build 50,000 new homes on council-owned land over the next 10 years.

The funding from MCS Charitable Foundation will assist in accelerating the outputs of the network, specifically in developing important best-practice resources, namely; 10+ detailed case studies of net zero housing projects, plus; model policies for Employer’s Requirements that will set targets/specifications for net zero and/or health & wellbeing outcomes.

The beneficiaries of the project will include:

  • Local authorities (including current and future members of the Vanguard Network)
  • Tenants and occupants of new, high-quality homes (via lower energy bills/improved occupant comfort)
  • Developers and construction companies involved in the delivery of net zero homes
  • The construction supply chain (especially net zero products technologies that improve fabric performance or provide on-site renewable energy)

“We are delighted to be giving this grant to Good Homes Alliance to advance their work on net zero emissions for new homes. With 70% of Local Authorities having declared a Climate Emergency it is great to see co-ordinated action from the Good Homes Alliance in helping to encourage and deliver zero carbon homes. Government Ministers have acknowledged that it makes no sense to be building homes now that will need to be retrofitted later. The Government now needs to transform the Building Regulations as soon as possible, requiring all new builds to be zero carbon by incorporating very high energy efficiency standards and domestic renewables. The Vanguard Network will advance this cause through Local Authorities demonstrating how this can be done. This is a crucial step for a more sustainable future with benefits for tenants, householders and the green economy.”

 Adrian Ramsay, CEO, MCS Charitable Foundation

About the Vanguard Network

The Vanguard Network was launched in 2019 following a 2-year nationwide campaign and events roadshow which showcased best practice examples of low energy and net zero housing.

During the campaign the climate crisis came to the forefront of public attention, with 100s of LAs declaring climate and ecological emergencies. Due to this, a strong desire for collaboration and knowledge sharing was fostered, which provided the impetus for the network’s creation.

The medium-term aim is to grow the network across the UK and act as a catalyst to accelerate the delivery of net zero new homes by giving confidence to early adopters. The network is gathering momentum and already has significant size and influence (c2.5% of new homes per annum with current membership levels). With support from the MCS Charitable Foundation and network partner, National Energy Foundation, the GHA will be well-placed to deliver the practical resources and evidence base required to counter any top-down lack of aspiration and urgency; and inspire those who seek to build new homes of resilience and lasting quality.

Network members

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council
Brighton and Hove City Council
Cornwall Council
Enfield Council
Essex County Council
Gravesham Borough Council
North West Leicestershire District Council
Oxford City Council
Somerset Council
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Southampton City Council
Stratford-on-Avon District Council
Warwick District Council
Wiltshire Council
Winchester City Council

Network partner

Find out more about the Vanguard Network at

GHA receives funding to develop vital net zero housing resources

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