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Ieman Barmaki, Director of Low Carbon Partnerships, Kensa Contracting

Company profile

Kensa Contracting was established in 2013, some 14 years after Kensa Heat Pumps first started manufacturing its ground source heat pump products in Cornwall.

Kensa Contracting was borne out of the realisation that the large-scale deployment of ground source heat pumps in existing social housing could address fuel poverty and deliver carbon reduction targets.

This need was not being adequately met as existing framework contractors concentrated on their core business, such as gas and oil boilers. Whilst ground source heat pumps are a technically elegant solution and Kensa’s models are as simple to physically install as a boiler, the design and ground array aspects put many installers off.

Kensa Contracting facilitates these projects by partnering with existing framework contractors whilst taking care of the design, specification, project management, householder liaison, specialist sub-contractor supervision, equipment supply, commissioning, and support with access to subsidies.

Kensa Contracting handles larger installation programmes of commercial buildings and multiple domestic properties from streets to whole estates. Modest projects are supported by Kensa Heat Pumps in partnership with the many independent contractors who directly source product and technical support services from Kensa Heat Pumps.

Kensa has unrivalled experience delivering the UK’s largest GSHP installation programmes and has pioneered the design and application of Shared Ground Loop Arrays; please refer to the Case Studies section for details of some of our projects.

Case study: Enfield, Kensa Contracting & ENGIE

Kensa Contracting

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