2023 sees the Building Performance Network (BPN) move to be a programme of the Good Homes Alliance (GHA). This transition aims to support the BPN’s current activities but importantly will enable the 90+ GHA members and  40+ BPN members to network and collaborate more closely. Through this move we will be able to further promote the benefits of BPE to a greater audience and increase the impact when lobbying for BPE to be included within Government regulations, procurement and funding programmes.

Priorities for BPN 2023 programme will include promotion of both BS 40101 and the Resources Hub. Plus continuing advocacy work with Government, The Future Homes Hub and others.

BPN Team

The BPN team will remain in place. Mat Colmer will continue to support the delivery of projects, foremost the Resource Hub, sponsored by Ecology Building Society and Rockwool. David Adams will continue to work with the Future Homes Hub.  Both will remain as advocates for the BPN. Laura Morgan Forster will continue to work on project delivery, event organisation and communications. George Martin will become a Board Member of the GHA.

About the BPN

Many existing, new and retro-fitted buildings exhibit large gaps between design aspirations and in-use performance. To meet policy objectives and meet the needs of building owners and occupants, in-use performance needs to improve rapidly and radically.

While many people are now aware of performance gaps for energy use and CO2 emissions, fewer people are aware that issues are also evident in technical performance, occupant satisfaction, operating costs, environmental impact and importantly the health of the occupants.

Data is the key to understanding whether we are making the right choices throughout the lifecycle of the building. The UK suffers from a disjointed building performance evaluation sector, where data are inaccessible, study methods are not clear or shared, and decisions are often made on poor or limited data.

As a direct result of these issues, the BPN was established.

The BPN has the following key objectives:

  • Bring people together with an interest in building performance
  • Understand how building performance data is collected and analysed to ensure members have reliable data on which to base their decisions
  • Move forward the practice of building performance evaluation to make it accurate and usable for the sector
  • Share and make members aware of a wide range of studies undertaken in the UK and create a data-sharing platform to move the building performance agenda forward
  • Use data to influence change in policy, procurement and practice

The ambition is to focus on how to “do” performance measurement and how to share and access data that would in turn support and help others.

The Building Performance Network becomes a Good Homes Alliance programme in 2023

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