GHA member T2 Architects exciting project to provide new sustainable housing for GHA Vanguard Member Winchester City Council continues to be delivered on site. The masterplan of this landscape led scheme features two new apartment blocks and three new houses, increasing the density around the four existing 1960’s eight storey blocks, whilst upgrading the external spaces, providing higher quality amenity and improving pedestrian permeability. A key part of the site strategy is to redirect the access road within the site to enable the most central and least shaded part of the site to be used as communal amenity space.

The new homes respond to the City Council’s commitment to delivering high quality, low energy housing as part of the Local Authority’s declared Climate Emergency. Two new, five storey buildings will provide 73 one- and two-bedroom flats, which are designed to the Passivhaus Low Energy Building standard. They are constructed using a lightweight steel frame and arranged as compact single aspect dwellings, facing either east or west to ensure all homes receive sunlight whilst remaining affordable for local people. The three houses are of more traditional construction and will meet the AECB standard.

Find out more about the project on T2's website here.

T2 Architects and Winchester Council project continues to be delivered on site

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