We spend 70% of our time indoors, mostly in our homes. The air we breathe and the way we feel are crucial to our well-being and health.

We help ensure that anyone designing homes receives the guidance and support needed to specify world class heating, cooling and ventilation strategies that allow total compliance with Regulations, simple installation and long lasting performance without hassle. Our expertise is in balancing energy efficiency, health and comfort for buildings and working with planning restrictions such as acoustics and air quality. We believe in installed performance - designing out noise and ensuring the products do what they are supposed to and our experience stretches from large scale urban based apartments to single PassivHaus dwelling developments.

Our solutions include; Mechanical Ventilation - low energy single point fans to whole house heat recovery, Cooling Systems - that can be integrated with heat recovery ventilation or radiant conditioning ceiling panels, Heating - decorative radiators and radiant heating options

Ultimately, we sell comfort. We strive to improve the quality of life by providing the finest indoor climate solutions

Website: http://www.zehnder.co.uk

Zehnder Group UK

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