CYGNUS homes makes a range of Low Energy Houses offering optimum energy performance with no cost premium. With a range of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom house types, configurable in semi-detached, link-detached and terraced formats we meet the challenging new space standards for accessibility (Category 2) with consistent quality in construction and execution, economically delivered through our off-site manufacturing processes. Through our Patent Pending innovations we rationalise whole house services, their management and installation delivering Economical solutions which are both Environmental and E-Controllable. The CYGNUS E-Smart Houses provide our customers with a range of high quality designs with choices available in configuration and appearance. They cost little to run and maintain, and are adaptable to lifestyle needs. Delivery and commissioning can be as fast as eight weeks from order onto a serviced plot facilitating potential site development savings when compared with traditional procurement routes.


Cygnus Homes

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