Ian Pritchett BSc(hons), a physics graduate from Durham University, started IJP Building Conservation in 1986 when the revival of traditional materials was in its infancy.  Ian was Managing Director of IJP Building Conservation Ltd. until 2006, one of the leading conservation contractors in the UK.  IJP specialise in the repair of all kinds of historic buildings including windmills and water mills

Ian’s growing awareness of environmental issues and belief that traditional materials have an important role in the future of mainstream construction lead to the formation of Lime Technology Ltd. (in 2002), a company dedicated to pushing the use of traditional lime mortars into the new build market, as an ecological alternative to cement, by the innovative use of modern methods.

In 2013 Ian left Lime Technology and set up Greencore Construction Ltd. Ian is currently Managing Director of Greencore Construction. Greencore is pioneering low and zero-carbon houses using its own Biond building system. This is a closed panel timber frame system insulated with Lime-Hemp and natural fibre insulation.

Greencore has been scaling up the delivery of eco-housing by partnering with investors to develop medium size sites. The latest project at Springfield Meadows, Oxfordshire is a partnership with Ssassy Property and will be the first residential scheme to deliver a zero carbon-footprint, net-zero energy in use and One Planet Living in the same project.

Ian is an acknowledge expert in the field of traditional, low energy building materials and gives numerous lectures on the subject.  Ian has pioneered the use of lime mortars and lime-hemp, supplying lime products, technical input, or acting as contractor, to hundreds of new building projects including the new Channel Tunnel Rail link Terminal at St Pancras Station, Chelsea Royal Hospital, the Adnams Brewery Distribution Centre, M&S store at Cheshire Oaks, the Science Museum Archive, hundreds of houses and numerous schools and other non-domestic buildings.

Ian Pritchett

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