We launched our Overheating in New Homes tool and guidance at a sold-out evening event in July 2019. Since then, the tool has been downloaded over 2000 times and has been adopted by the Greater London Authority in a draft update of their Energy Assessment Guidance (April 2020).

The tool and guidance was developed by a project team of Susie Diamond (Inkling), Julie Godefroy (Julie Godefroy Sustainability) and Nicola O’Connor (Mandarin Research) with support and feedback from an expert steering group, the GHA team and stakeholder workshops.

Now that the tool has been live for over 12 months, we are keen to understand how the tool has been used in practice. The project team have developed a short survey (5 minutes) to understand:

  • Who is using the tool
  • How it is being used
  • What is good/weak about it
  • What would improve it if a future iteration was proposed

Please provide some feedback on the tool by completing this short survey.


Have you used our overheating risk tool? Complete this short survey

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