Overheating in new homes is a problem in certain types of properties, especially in towns and cities. This is recognised by DCLG who have commissioned research into certain aspects of the problem in 2017, which may lead to changes in Building Regulation. BEIS are also consulting on proposals to amend SAP Appendix P, the semi-official “overheating check”.

The Good Homes Alliance has established the Overheating Solutions in New Homes working group to examine the problems and explore potential solutions. After close liaison with DCLG it is clear that some important areas of research are not being covered and this presents an opportunity for the group to carry out much needed work.

We have developed a proposal for one key area of research namely to:

  • Examine the costs and benefits of local planning authorities across the UK utilising a protocol or guidance document to help them identify risky new schemes during the planning process.
  • Work with planners to determine how they can work more closely with developers to reduce the risk/chances for overheating.
  • Develop an approach for delivering the protocol/guidance, in consultation with planners.

Click here to download the full proposal document.

The GHA are seeking sponsorship to fund the work. For further information and to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Julian Brooks at julian@goodhomes.org.uk.

Overheating guidance for local planning authorities

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