We launched our new manifesto – ‘A Charter for Responsible Housebuilding’ at Ecobuild on Wednesday 8th March 2017. It’s been 10 years since the GHA was formed and we believe our message on quality sustainable housing is as important as ever!


“Bioregional strongly supports the GHA’s Charter for Responsible Housebuilding’. We are already working with housebuilders to create high quality, attractive, affordable homes with radically reduced carbon emissions. The knowledge and technologies required to do this is already out there. Given that millions of new homes are required in the UK in the coming years, and that they will endure for many decades, we need these homes to move rapidly towards zero carbon. We need the right combination of building regulations, energy policy, industry skills and compliance checks to achieve this; the GHA charter points the way.”

New GHA Manifesto launched at Ecobuild 2017

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