The Home of 2030 design competition is now live. It aims to attract the best and brightest talents of the housing industry to design the homes of the future. Small businesses, designers and manufacturers are invited to come forward with ideas for new low carbon, age-friendly homes, meeting the highest standards of design.

Read the official MHCLG Press Release (2 March 2020) here.

The deadline for Phase 1 submissions is 3rd June 2020.

The competition will follow the open ideas competition format and will be organised in the following phases:

Phase 1: Submission of concept design ideas assessed anonymously.
Phase 2: A shortlist of up to six designs will be selected and the entrants invited to develop their concepts and present them to the Evaluation Panel.

Following Phase 2 of the RIBA Open Ideas competition, competition winners will be introduced to Homes England development framework partners to explore the possibility of developing bids for a series of homes on Homes England land.

To view further details regarding the competition and register to take part please visit You may only submit an entry to the competition if you are officially registered and in possession of a Unique Registration Number (URN). To register please complete the registration form on the competition website.

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Supported by:

  • BRE
  • Design Council
  • HM Government
Home of 2030 Design Competition now live

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