The Good Homes Alliance is delighted to announce that we will partner on a new industry change programme, C02nstructZero. Launched by the Construction Leadership Council,  C02nstructZero is a cross-industry approach to drive carbon out of all parts of the construction sector, from manufacturing and design to construction and operation of assets.

It is a bold and ambitious plan, laying out the priorities to deliver a fundamental change in the sector.

We’ve done so because we recognise the need, now more than ever, for a huge programme of industry change over the next decade and beyond.

In practice, that will mean:

• Consolidating current industry efforts into a single programme and plan of action to deliver against the COnstructZero priorities
• Setting out clear and ambitious targets to demonstrate that the sector is making the right progress
• Championing the policy change we’ll need to see from Government.
• Signpost people across our industry towards the action they can take.

By providing a consolidated action plan, clear targets and a single ambitious vision for change we hope that we can bring together the excellent work being done across the industry in a coordinated way to drive real transformation.

GHA partners with CO2nstruct Zero programme

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