Our Overheating in New Homes – Tool and Guidance has been featured in the Buildings & Cities academic journal, in a peer-reviewed article written by Professor of Building Simulation at Loughborough University, Professor Kevin Lomas.

Kevin Lomas explains why the risk of overheating in homes is an increasing problem in the UK and elsewhere – in both existing buildings but also for the construction of new dwellings.  To address this public health problem, a ground-breaking new tool has been developed and launched to assist designers, planners and clients to identify and reduce the risk of summer overheating in dwellings.  A key benefit is its simplicity, early application in the design process, potential to inform design strategies and the provision of supporting background information and guidance. Further uses are envisaged, for example to identifying properties and rooms at risk of overheating – for public health compliance as well as education and training. Although this tool was developed for use primarily in the UK, it should inspire others around the world to take similar action.”

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GHA overheating tool featured in Buildings & Cities academic journal

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