The Good Homes Alliance is pleased to announce that a contract has now been awarded for our recent overheating research project tender.

The aim of the project is to develop guidance and tools to help planners and design teams identify and mitigate the risk of overheating in housing developments at an early stage. Click here for more information.

The winning bid was won in competition, and the tender panel was very pleased to receive a number of high quality proposals. The chosen consortium comprises:

Susie Diamond (Inkling)

Julie Godefroy (Julie Godefroy Sustainability)

Nicola O’Connor (Mandarin Research)

The tender panel were impressed by the winning bid team’s pertinent experience, well thought-through methodology and enthusiasm for the project. The tender panel consisted of Anastasia Mylona (CIBSE), Chris Twinn (TSI), Lynne Sullivan OBE (GHA Chair) and Julian Brooks (GHA). The panel members plus others including a representative from MHCLG will also be part of the project’s steering group.

More broadly, both the GHA and the winning team have been impressed by the level of engagement the industry has shown with this proposal, and look forward to consulting widely with the built environment community and building on the impressive body of research which exists regarding this topic.  If anyone would like to get in touch to be included in the consultation please contact Susie at and/or Julie at

The project is to commence immediately with completion expected in Spring 2019. An event will take place at Futurebuild 2019 to announce the findings of the research.

We would like to thank our partners for supporting this research project.

Research partners


Contract awarded for GHA overheating research project

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