Over the next 10 years, GHA Vanguard Network member Oxford City Council aims to build 1,891 new homes. Of these, 1,125 will be council homes providing the genuinely affordable housing that Oxford needs. A further 301 homes will be in other affordable tenures like shared ownership.

The council is also committed to tackling the climate emergency. The first council in the UK to respond to a citizens’ assembly on climate change, its ambitious carbon reduction policies will result in all new residential developments built in the city being zero carbon by 2030.

As set out in its 2036 Local Plan, the council has adopted a number of innovative, exciting and inspiring measures to ensure new housing meets the lifelong needs of residents while still protecting its character and history.

Oxford City Council’s wholly-owned housing company, Oxford City Housing Ltd (OCHL), is looking for high quality, sustainable contractors interested in helping it to deliver more than 2,500 low carbon homes across Oxfordshire in the next 10 years.

OCHL is starting the process of establishing a £1bn modular construction framework for new housing schemes. Over the next 10 years OCHL aims to acquire and develop 2,245 new homes on sites across Oxfordshire. Of these, 1,124 will be homes for social rent with a further 301 being for shared ownership and other intermediate tenures. Together with OCHL, the council aims to open up the new framework to other social landlords, increasing the number of new homes in total.

OCHL will issue a prequalification questionnaire on 12 February 2021, via the ProContract portal. This is an opportunity for contractors to be involved in creating a new type of community. One designed around the needs and aspirations of today’s residents, including high standards of build quality, modern amenities and a sense of identity. All with sustainability and ethical construction at their heart.

It will also provide a showcase for forward-thinking contractors who share the council’s vision of building sustainable homes – and healthier, happier lives – today and in the future.

OCHL is particularly interested in working with contractors with experience and expertise in achieving:

  • 40% carbon reduction from the 2021 future Building Regulations standard (equating to 71% carbon reduction from current 2013 Building Regulations)
  • Passivhaus equivalent standard – meeting required primary energy demand of ≤ 60 kWh per m2 per year
  • zero carbon for regulated and unregulated energy, with a preference for low embodied energy

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To discuss any aspect of Oxford City Council’s vision for sustainable homes in the region, please email awylde@oxford.gov.uk.

Building a better Oxford: sustainable contractors sought for more than 2,500 low carbon homes across Oxfordshire in the next 10 years

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