GHA is looking for a number of progressive organisations within the sector to support new Build Net Zero Now working groups and help deliver vital resources for the industry.

About the Build Net Zero Now campaign

The Build Net Zero Now campaign aims to empower progressive local authorities, housing associations and housebuilders, and their supply chains, by providing them with the knowledge and tools to deliver net zero housing.

Following a year-long series of topical events and targeted outputs, including new and freely available net zero case studies and design briefs, phase one of the campaign concluded at the GHA Build Net Zero Now Conference in October 2021.

The campaign outputs have proved vital for the 30+ members of our fast-growing LA Vanguard and HA Pathfinder networks from across the UK, who collectively represent 350,000 existing homes and 120,000 new build homes to be developed in the next 10 years. We will also shortly be launching a new network for progressive private sector developers.

Despite the success of the campaign, the need to accelerate the delivery of net zero housing is more urgent than ever. Build Net Zero Now continues into 2022 with renewed vigour.

New working groups

Five themes were identified during the first year of the campaign which warranted further focus during the second phase – Energy, Finance, Quality Assurance, Design and Planning.

To facilitate this, a new working group will be launched for each theme, ‘championed’ by an expert GHA board member, and tasked with delivering a targeted and much-needed output that will help accelerate the delivery of net zero housing.

Proposed outputs include:

  • Guidance on energy/grid issues and solutions/smart tech
  • Guidance on holistic financial approaches to net zero development
  • Building Performance Evaluation training materials for QA/BPE assessors
  • Residents’ feedback/engagement with new technology e.g. ASHP
  • Guide to net zero viability assessments (for planners)
  • Research exploring quality of placemaking in net zero developments
  • Research exploring tension between net zero planning policy and practice

The working groups will be open to all GHA members and invited experts, including clients, architects, consultants, developers and supply chain organisations.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The GHA is looking for a number of progressive organisations within the sector to support the working groups. For a fee of £3,000 (+VAT), sponsors will receive the following benefits:

– Speaking opportunity – at an opening event to highlight issues and showcase your solutions/case studies. Our events regularly attract 50-100 industry professionals from across the sector, including developers, local authorities, architects and government bodies.

– Membership of working group (April-Dec 22) – Invitations to facilitated working group meetings chaired by an expert GHA board member and joined by solution providers and progressive clients within our fast-growing local authority and housing association networks. Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to input into the working group’s scope and outputs. Sponsors will be invited to co-chair the working group.

– Detailed case study – showcasing your net zero housing solution, authored by Good Homes Alliance and peer-reviewed by the expert GHA board members. The case study will be hosted on the popular GHA Knowledge Base and promoted to our mailing list, social media channels, partner organisations and press contacts. There may also be opportunities to showcase your case study at our annual conference.

– End of year summary report – with recognition of your support (i.e. logo/weblink), highlighting key achievements of the working group with a link to your case study.

– Regular press and PR – to our extensive mailing list and press contacts.

We are looking for a minimum of £12,000 (+VAT) to administer and fund the activities of each working group. Depending on the chosen working group output (TBD at first meeting), further funding may be required to cover costs e.g., author fees/external expertise, and sponsors will be approached for further contribution.

It is also possible to sponsor the entire Phase Two of the GHA Build Net Zero Now Campaign. This is a unique opportunity for your organisation to show sector leadership on the net zero agenda with involvement across all working groups.

To enquire about sponsorship, please contact Richard Broad, Projects & Communications Manager, Good Homes Alliance –

Get Involved – GHA Members

The working groups will be open and free-to-join for all GHA members, including clients, architects, consultants, developers and supply chain organisations. For each group we are looking for contributors with a range of skillsets and knowledge levels, with members encouraged to apply for the working group that best aligns with their specific expertise.

It is anticipated that working group meetings will occur as a minimum quarterly, but members may be expected to join ad-hoc specialist workshops. All meetings will take place virtually for the foreseeable future.

There is no cost to attend working group meetings, but it is anticipated that group members will be prepared to provide some in-kind contribution towards the delivery of outputs.

To register your interest, please contact Larry Tate, Communications Coordinator, Good Homes Alliance –

New Build Net Zero Now working groups to deliver vital resources for the industry

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