In April 2023, Good Homes Alliance held a joint-event with Town and Country Planning Association – ‘Local Authorities Leading the Way – Net Zero Planning Policy‘ to showcase the progressive work of local authorities in developing, and successfully adopting, net zero planning policies.

This was followed by a ‘Net Zero Planning Policy Hub‘, launched by the GHA with the support of consultants and GHA members, Bioregional and Etude, and partners Passivhaus Trust and the TCPA, featuring net zero planning policy case studies, including those successfully adopted by Cornwall Council and Bath & North East Somerset Council.

In December 2023, a Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) on ‘Planning – Local Energy Efficiency Standards Update‘ created further confusion for LPAs on their ability to set ambitious planning policies. Government suggested this statement superseded a 2015 WMS which had long been a thorn in the side of local authorities seeking to adopt policies to meet their climate change commitments (see Salt Cross).

Upcoming event

In January of this year, the TCPA held a popular event for local authorities that were considering the impacts of the December 2023 WMS. Industry leaders and local authorities are deeply concerned about the impact of this WMS on the ability of local authorities to meet their net zero commitments.

The TCPA, supported by the Good Homes Alliance and a coalition of industry organisations, are hosting a follow up webinar on Monday 20th May 2024, 12:30-13:30 for local authorities that are affected by this WMS or concerned about its impact on their plans for addressing climate change through planning policy.

The webinar will include an update on the legal challenge to the WMS, and you will hear from local authorities and expert consultants about how ambitious policies for net zero homes are being advanced in the context of the WMS.

Key details

Date: Monday 20th May 2024

Time: 12:30-13:30

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Click here to register

This webinar is organised by the TCPA with support from the Good Homes Alliance.

Webinar: Net zero buildings, local plan policies and the 13 December WMS

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