This proposal for an Alternative Housing Delivery Models (AHDM) working group  has been created to bring together a number of stakeholders with the aim of enabling a step change in the volume delivery of alternative non solely speculative housing schemes.

The group would apply pressure on industry and be vocal to Government and Local Government to ensure that new housing policy and practice supports CLH/AHDM models.

The group would bring together a coalition of like minded organisations and will ensure a unified sector wide voice and solution focussed approach to this topic. The group would also available to act as a contact and support group for relevant research projects and national and local policy development work.


The outcomes /solutions/recommendations would be developed into an annual and/or end report. The report would be widely disseminated and an active monitoring programme established with an annual update on progress issued. It would include (but is not limited to):

  • A re-stating of the definition of AHDM/CLH
  • To establish of a set of baselines that progress can be measured against
  • To identify & document best practice Joint Ventures between developers and CLH groups to produce case studies
  • To produce a toolkit for CLH groups and developers
  • To facilitate the forming of projects that deliver AHDM housing at scale
  • To promote the benefits of CLH/AHDM to National/Local Government,  the housing development sector, consumers and the public

CLH/AHDM homes are defined by this group to include: co-housing, mutually owned housing, sub market housing, low cost homeownership, Community Land Trust homes, Shared Economy Housing, Custom Build.

The working group will draw upon existing studies and commission new studies where necessary subject to funding.


The core working group will consist of representatives from organisations with experience in the following sectors:

  • Community Led Housing professionals
  • Property Development/Housebuilding
  • Finance/mortgage/insurance providers
  • Contract Law
  • New construction technologies
  • Research (Technical and Social)
  • Planning Policy (National and Local)

The following organisations are committing to represent the sectors on the working group:

  • Good Homes Alliance (joint chair)
  • National CLT Network (joint chair)

Possible other members:

  • BioRegional
  • Melius Homes
  • Igloo
  • Keepmoat (Ilke Homes)
  • HAB Housing
  • TCPA
  • LGA
  • Cambridge City Council
  • Cherwell District Council


The GHA/National CLT Netwrok would be seeking funding for the working group to enable it to deliver the desired outcomes.  The funding would be used for:

  • Expert time
  • Paying expenses of group members
  • Drafting of proposals
  • Additional studies by external experts to produce Case Studies
  • An online presence
  • Final/end report(s)
  • A manifesto for action directed at Local & National Government
  • Report presentations within UK regions

The working group would be seeking to raise funds to cover the working group costs with additional funding being sought at the time for any additional study work as it arises.