Established 1932, Sidey is a highly experience specialist in the manufacture and installation of windows and doors. Skilled providers of innovative, thermally efficient fenestration solutions and highly accredited, you are guaranteed high quality products and service. Today the company continues to push the boundaries of innovation for fenestration solutions and set new benchmarks within the Trade, Newbuild, Commercial, Refurbishment and Offsite market sectors. With a desire to deliver tangible and measurable results, Sidey are incessantly looking for ways to raise the bar when it comes to performance standards for customers, ensuring standards such as the EESSH, Retrofit for the Future, Fabric First and Passivhaus are easily met using our products. Our experience in delivering contracts of varying size and complexity is one of our major strengths. You are guaranteed Quality and Best Value in all that we do, with the knowledge that Sidey is a strong, reliable and award winning company, investing not only in our employees and business but also the communities we work in.