The Good Homes Alliance (GHA) is excited to announce the official release of several outcomes from the second phase of the Build Net Zero Now Campaign.

The Build Net Zero Now Campaign, a multi-year initiative led by GHA, has been at the leading edge of innovation and transformation in the new build housing sector. It brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders committed to the building of quality sustainable homes and communities.

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Throughout the inaugural year of the campaign, several key themes emerged, warranting a more focused exploration in this second phase. This exploration was facilitated through a series of working groups, resulting in the following significant outputs:


The publication of the “Domestic Energy Solutions Primer – Energy and Heat Generation” offers a comprehensive exploration of critical topics related to energy and heat generation options within new residential developments. This includes areas such as energy generation, self-generation (e.g., through PV, wind, and solar thermal), transformation of forms, and energy distribution. This is part one of the energy group output with the next being released later in the autumn.

Read the Domestic Energy Solutions Primer – Energy and heat generation here:


A launch event is scheduled for the release of the paper titled “The Green Shift – Leveraging Existing Financial Incentives for Enhanced Environmental Performance in New Homes”. This examination delves into whether we’ve reached a ‘tipping point’ where existing financial incentives can promote high levels of environmental sustainability in a financially advantageous manner for all stakeholders. The free event is scheduled for Tuesday October 24th, 14:00 -15:30, online via Zoom.

Sign up to the event here:

Additionally, we have released a mini manifesto titled “10 Steps to Accelerate Net Zero Housing Development”. This manifesto outlines ten crucial requests, covering various aspects such as funding, stamp duty, offsets, interest rates, and incentives.

Read the manifesto here:


The Net Zero Planning Policy Resource Hub is now available as a web page, offering practical guidance for the adoption and implementation of forward-thinking policies within local authorities. This resource hub includes exemplary case studies, timelines, actionable steps, and valuable resources.

Visit the Net Zero Planning Policy Resource Hub here

Phase 3 (2023-2024)

Despite the success of the campaign to date, the need to accelerate the delivery of net zero housing is more urgent than ever. The campaign will continue in 2023-24 and beyond, with proposed outputs for phase 3 including:


Building upon the expert content presented in our Energy mini-guide and event series, we will continue to showcase, and interrogate the viability and performance of, emerging energy solutions through in-person site visits, demonstrations, dissemination of research findings, and case studies.


Using our peer-reviewed manifesto, we will engage with government departments, financial institutions and policy makers to help unlock investment for net zero housing development, both new build and retrofit.

We will produce an annual revision of ‘The Green Shift’ report to update with the latest incentives, statistics and ways forward to accelerate net zero housing development.


Working with our Vanguard Network and partners such as TCPA, Etude and Bioregional, we will track progress of the implementation of progressive net zero planning policies, best practice urban design and placemaking for new housing developments, and share lessons learned with wider industry through case studies and dissemination events.


We are looking for a number of progressive organisations to support phase 3 of the campaign and help us in our aim of accelerating net zero housing development.

The sponsorship fee for phase 3 (Sep 2023-Aug 2024) is £3,000 (+VAT). Benefits include speaking opportunities, case studies, recognition in articles to the press, your logo on all campaign outputs, and an invitation to steering group meetings to help scope the next steps of the campaign.

If you are interested in supporting our campaign and would like to discuss further, please contact Richard Broad, Projects & Communications Manager, Good Homes Alliance –

Milestone Achieved: Good Homes Alliance launches outputs on key themes of the Build Net Zero Now Campaign

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