Dates: 22nd June, 28th June, 12th July | Time: 16:00-17:30/18:00 | Location: Online (Zoom)

Join Good Homes Alliance and Green Register for a new 3-part online training series exploring the latest tech, innovations and energy solutions to accelerate net zero and low energy new housing development and retrofit.

At the opening session on 22nd June, we will be joined by a range of expert speakers to hear the latest updates on heating and hot water technologies including heat pumps, hot water and infrared heating. Plus, find out more about the Heat Pump Ready project – ‘Decision-making tools for heat in net zero housing’.

At the second session on 28th June, the focus will be on domestic electricity generation and storage. We will hear from Joju Solar on solar PV, battery storage and EV charging, and Allume Energy’s innovative Solshare approach which allows the cost and carbon saving benefits of solar PV to be shared between all occupiers in a multi-residential development. We will also hear from Pobl about their flagship Penderi housing scheme in Swansea, the UK’s largest renewable energy retrofit project of its kind.

In our closing session on 12th July, we will explore the emerging topic of smart energy balancing and managing supply and demand. As we move away from gas heating, demand on the electricity grid will increase dramatically in the coming years. Grid constraints are already putting significant cost pressures on housing developers which may stall or limit ambitions for net zero, fully electric development. Find out how ‘micro grids’ and community-focussed solutions can help us solve the smart energy challenge.

Sessions and speakers

Session 1 – Heating and hot water technologies
(22nd June, 4-6pm)

16:00 Welcome to the event – The Green Register/Good Homes Alliance

16:10 Introduction to heating and hot water technologies – Chris Delaney, Managing Director, Green Building Renewables

  • Launched in 2021, Green Building Renewables install a wide range of low carbon and renewable technologies including solar panels and battery storage, air and ground source heat pumps, underfloor heating, and electric vehicle charging points.

16:25 Heat Pumps and Sunamp from an installers perspective – Craig Erwood, heat pump expert

  • Hear from an independent heating expert on the pros and cons of heat pumps and Sunamp thermal batteries from an installers perspective.

16:40 Infrared heating innovations – Matthew Dodds, Director, Herschel Infrared

  • Herschel are a leading infrared heating brand with an extensive product range developed for both domestic and commercial applications. Instead of directly heating the air in a room, Herschel’s infrared panels heat the walls, ceiling and floor evenly which absorbs the heat and gently re-emits the heat back into the room.

16:55 Smart hot water technologies – Peter McBride, National Business Development Manager, Mixergy

  • Mixergy offer a cost-effective solution to save energy and facilitate more renewable power generation through grid balancing. The Mixergy tank only heats what is needed, increasing the speed of recovery of a conventional hot water tank 5-fold, whilst more than halving the heat losses.

17:10 Heat Pump Ready project and decision-making tools for heat in net zero housing – Benjamin Gilbart, Energy Consultant, City Science

  • City Science help local authorities and organisations responsible for transport, energy and infrastructure achieve meaningful and quantifiable carbon reductions, by modelling complex, robust scenarios quickly and efficiently.

17:25 Q&A

18:00 Close

Session 2 – Domestic electricity generation and storage
(28th June, 4-5:30pm)

16:00 Welcome to the event – The Green Register/Good Homes Alliance

16:10  Introduction to solar PV, battery storage and EV charging – Chris Jardine, Technical Director, Joju Solar

  • Independent experts in solar energy, battery storage and electric car charging points. Over the past decades Joju Solar have designed and installed thousands of systems across the UK; for councils, universities, businesses and homeowners.

16:30 Solshare: Innovate solar energy distribution – Jack Taylor, General Manager (Europe), Allume Energy

  • The SolShare is the world’s only hardware for sharing rooftop solar to apartments. The ability for apartments to share a single rooftop solar system without requiring tenants to sign up for additional billing services or solar trading platforms helps make the SolShare the most simple and affordable solution to rooftop solar for apartments.

16:50 Case study: Penderi flagship energy retrofit scheme – Solitaire Pritchard, Head of Regeneration, Pobl

  • Penderi Energy Project is a flagship scheme that will see almost 650 Pobl homes in a Swansea community benefiting from the installation of state-of-the art renewable energy generation, energy storage and smart energy management technology.

17:10 Q&A

17:30 Close

Session 3 – Energy balancing and smart grids
(12th July, 4-5:30pm)

16:00 Welcome to the event – The Green Register/Good Homes Alliance

16:10 An introduction to energy balancing and smart grids – Rick Greenough, Professor Emeritus of Energy Systems, De Montfort University

  • Professor Rick Greenough led on low-carbon energy systems and infrastructure projects in the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, focussing on smart grids and demand response; low-impact building and industrial energy efficiency; and renewable energy integration.

16:25 Community microgrids to help housing associations, cohousing communities and more deliver affordable net-zero homes – Damon Rand, Head of Product, CEPRO

  • Established in 2009, CEPRO finance, construct and operate community-owned smart grids comprising solar panels, heat pumps, battery storage and demand response systems; for new build housing developments as well as retrofit scenarios.

16:40 Reducing cost, complexity and carbon through a next generation all-electric solution – Neal Coady, Director of Product, SNRG

  • SNRG is a NextGen infrastructure company, with the deep expertise and backing to design, fund, build and operate smarter grid connections, empowered by place-based, renewable energy systems. They work across both the Industrial & Commercial and Residential sectors on both New Build and Retrofit projects.

16:55 Case study: Plymouth new-build Energiesprong project – Justin Bear, Project Manager, Plymouth Energy Community

  • Delivered by PEC Homes, this is the first new-build scheme in England to use the innovative ‘Energiesprong’ approach to achieve net zero. The project is also designed using ‘One Planet principles’, ensuring it is holistically sustainable.

17:10 Q&A

17:30 Close

Key details

  • Dates: Thursday 22nd June, Wednesday 28th June, Wednesday 12th July
  • Time: 16:00-18:00 (Event 1), 16:00-17:30 (Events 2 & 3)
  • Location: Online (Zoom)
  • Fees (all fees quoted exclusive of VAT):
    • Single event – £22.50-£30.00 for GHA, BPN and TGR members; £30-£40 for non-members
    • Series – £65 for GHA, BPN and TGR members; £85 for non-members

Registration (via the Green Register)

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Energy Solutions for Net Zero Housing Development

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