Discover advanced strategies to mitigate condensation, damp, and mould in new build housing with industry experts Aereco, developers of innovative ventilation solutions including demand controlled ventilation.

The concept of demand controlled ventilation (DCV) rests on the principle of providing occupants with the right amount of fresh air, when they need it, where this is useful.

The Aereco demand controlled ventilation system optimises air distribution within the dwelling: thanks to the humidity sensitive air inlets, it directs the most air to the rooms that need it most. In this way, the system limits heat losses in unoccupied rooms and provides good ventilation where it is needed. The same principle is used at the exhaust through demand controlled exhaust units.

Benefits of DCV include:

  • Better air renewal for greater comfort
  • Protection against moisture
  • Reduced and controlled heating consumption
  • Reduced average power consumption of the demand controlled exhaust fan
  • Less clogging of filters, air ducts and terminals
  • Reduced size of air ductwork to gain on valuable floor space

Indoor air quality is a major health issue and we spend most of our time in an indoor environment. At the webinar we will explore how by adjusting the rate of air renewal in relation to the level of pollution in each room of the home, we can help to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

The event will feature a presentation, followed by a Q&A. This is your chance to engage directly with the experts and pose your questions on condensation, mould and damp strategies.

Key details

  • Date: Tuesday 16th April 2024
  • Time: 12:00-13:00
  • Location: Online (Zoom)
  • Costs:
    • Free-to-attend for GHA members (incl. members of Building Performance Network and GHA’s Vanguard, Pathfinder and Net Zero Developer Networks)
    • £10+VAT for non-members


12:00 Welcome – Julian Brooks, Good Homes Alliance

12:05 Condensation, Damp, and Mould Strategies – Aereco

12:30 Q&A and discussion

13:00 Close

About Aereco

GHA member Aereco develops innovative ventilation solutions for residential and office buildings with a key concept, the modulation of airflow rates according to the needs. With this principle associated to specific technologies, Aereco demand-controlled ventilation systems fully meet the building current challenges with regard to energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Aereco offers several lines of products that can be implemented in various systems, from natural and hybrid ventilation to heat recovery ventilation.

Find out more at

About the GHA Bitesize Webinar Series

A series of bitesize webinars with industry leaders from within the Good Homes Alliance (GHA) and Building Performance Network (BPN) connections, looking at the future outlook for a range of sustainability issues and low carbon solutions.

The series carries on from the successful 2022-23 Bitesize series. Each lunchtime 45-60 minute webinar will feature a short technical presentation with a focus on practical case studies and top tips/lessons learned.

We’ll then kick off the discussion and Q&A by looking ahead to the future outlook for each particular topic, both short and long term, in terms of incoming regulations and new technologies.

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GHA Bitesize Webinar – Condensation, Damp and Mould Strategies with Aereco

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